Choose Your Tagline
Connect with your internal fire!
Which tagline will you choose to keep you connected to your internal fire?
In 2009 the matchstick pendant was created. The goal was to offer a timeless design shape that would suit anyone, male or female, but also allow each person to create a personal connection by choosing a gemstone of their choice. To customize it even more, I created inspirational taglines, relating to fire, and offer engraving of these taglines on the back of the pendants. Everyone is driven by something. We all have an internal fire. The taglines serve as subtle reminders of someone’s past or future aspirations.
The earrings are the perfect match to the pendant or bracelet.
I was asked to design a two-finger ring for a client. This project launched the beginning of the matchstick ring collection. This statement piece has been known to spark many conversations regarding its design.
The tip of the matchstick is known as the spark. Clients can choose any gemstone to identify their spark and create their own bracelet. The sparks can complement any wrist with any combination of stones.
I challenged myself to add a new piece to the collection and developed the badge. It enhances any jacket, blazer or coat.